5 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Art Collections

Tasks piling up on your plate? Collection management tools save you time and hassle.

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“I wish there were more hours in the day.” That’s a common saying among all of us as we juggle work and personal life. For some of you, managing an art collection is work. For others, it is part of your personal life—surrounding yourself with aesthetic treasures. Whether or not you’re coming at collection management from a place of duty, you most likely want to make the administrative part of it shorter and easier.

Artwork Archive to the rescue! Artwork Archive is an online art collection management software that helps you organize, manage and showcase your art collection. We help collections around the world simplify their collection management workflow and increase productivity.

Here are five popular tools that save our users time. 

Time Saving Tools
Time Saving Tools

Schedule: Set it to forget it

Set reminders for yourself and your colleagues. Simply enter the date, write a quick message, and then sync it to your calendar so you can stay on top of it. 

You can set reminders for your artworks, locations and contacts. Here are examples of some popular reminders:

  • Shipping artworks on loan

  • Receiving works for a temporary exhibit

  • Grant proposal deadlines

  • Scheduled conservation efforts

  • Commission payments

  • Appraisals

Artwork Archive will even send you an email every Monday morning with your upcoming week’s tasks.


"Artwork Archive's simple tools are so helpful. My favorite parts of Artwork Archive are the Schedule and Maintenance tools. They help us stay on top of conservation." San Diego International Airport

The Repast of the Lion - Henri Rousseau
The Repast of the Lion - Henri Rousseau

Reports: Create documents in seconds

No more mail merges, hours designing a Powerpoint presentation, or sifting through papers or opening hundreds of folders on your desktop.


If you have all of your art collection details in an Artwork Archive account, you can create and share professional reports with a few clicks of a button.


Coordinating a loan? Giving a presentation to your board? Sharing information with your insurance broker or attorney? You can quickly produce a detailed report that includes all of the financial transactions, provenance, details and images for each piece. You can also create and send inventory lists, invoices, maintenance and conservation records, and portfolio pages.

Simplify your shipping and correspondences too. Create and print address labels in seconds. Organize your exhibits with less hassle and generate wall labels in no time.

Learn more about Artwork Archives Reports.

A Vase of Flowers
A Vase of Flowers

Data Migration and Batch Upload: Get info uploaded accurately and painlessly

Migrating from one system to another, or starting from scratch doesn’t have to be a nightmare.


Artwork Archive makes it extremely easy for you to change systems. Our team of collection professionals streamlines the migration process. We’ll take your data and securely import it into your Artwork Archive account.

Our data import saves you significant time and gets you up to speed with your new account without much effort. No training is needed. Simply log in, and get crackin’.


After your account has been populated you can continue to quickly add works to your account with our Batch Upload tool. Upload up to 20 works at one time. Did you receive a gift of 17 watercolors from a donor? Quickly add the records to your account.

5 Time Saving Tools

Filter and Sort: Find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly

If you’re working with hard copies, you can’t just say “find all donated works,”  snap your fingers and expect them to appear. Most likely, you’re searching through piles of folders and printed documents to find what you need. And if the work is a few decades old, you’re going deep into the dusty corner of the office.

These days we take online search functionality for granted. Being able to filter by status, medium, artist name, creation date, etc. saves us considerable time and headache. In Artwork Archive you can also assign tags or create collections of works by category so that you can easily find and share information.


Everything is stored in the Cloud so that it's all accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Insights: Know the value of your artwork, without a calculator.

See the evolution of your entire art collection from initial investment to present day. By recording information like purchases and appraisals, you can see your collection's change in value over time.

Easily visualize the distribution and location details of your art whether it’s in storage, on loan to a museum, or on your property.


With the Insights tool, you have information at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your art collection.

Learn more about Artwork Archive's Insights.

Get access to these tools and more with an Artwork Archive account. Plans start at just $6 a month for collectors and $24 a month for organizations. 

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